About Ema Lou


Thanks for checking out my online blog where i share my colourful creations, tattoo inspired art & handmade jewellery.

My name is Ema Lou who was born in the 80’s and love all 80’s tunes, my spirit animal is a unicorn and i see myself as a colourist

( i see the world in colours) and flowers are my love language.

I’m a mother of 3 & a domestic goddess who can’t cook, haha, and thinks it’s ok to eat fairy bread for dinner sometimes because, why not!!!!

From a young age i expressed creativity, art lessons, crafting always & throughout high school i made & sold jewellery with my really supportive parents & family, so it was only natural that i wouldn’t follow and traditional career. I chose tattooing career in my early 20’s and tattooed all things colourful and focussed on bright floral work…. married, then had 3 gorgeous children, i balanced motherhood & creativity by creating artworks while the kids slept, late nights tie dyeing clothing to sell while the kids were little, i never stopped creating!!!

So here i am 2021 running my own small business and love what i’m doing. Life is too short, so create the life you want!!

Our life is filled with love, colour, rainbows, paint, glitter, crystals, essential oils, cups of tea, indoor plants, tattoo’s, art, my boys who love soccer & motorbikes, a creative daughter who loves to draw anime, we have cats, pet chickens, bee hives, veggie garden and created our own little paradise in the suburbs of Sydney.



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