Craft art

Polka dot Christmas window art

Gorgeous window art, our Christmas traditions of making our own version of stained glass, we used these cute little polka dot confetti dots from a party shop but have also seen them at hot dollar bargain stores too. We make a similar version each year when school finishes up, that in between time of going crazy waiting for that big bearded man to arrive!!! You can use ripped up or cut up tissue paper too……😝🎅🏼❤️💚 window art with the kite paper used to make Waldorf stars, you can use crepe paper, coloured celephane, tissue paper as well. We found the little paper characters from @riotartandcraft and cut them up. Last year we used paper plates and painted them black for contrast 🌈🌈🌈🎄🎄🎄 #paperplate #paperplatecrafts #christmassy #christmas #christmascraft #processart #xmas #xmascraft #craftychristmas #crafty #windowart