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Busy beaders 🐝

More holiday crafting, watching all sorts of beautiful creations being made!

Beading tray bought raw from Riot Art and craft stores Australia

Painted with Global paints from Riot Art and craft store Australia

Wooden beads from Riot Art and craft stores Australia

Wooden pendants made by cutting tree branches found from fallen trees branches


Watercolour play

These spring school holidays…..

Opened up the creativity in these minds, watching these children design their own signs for a little stall to sell handmade necklaces and chocolate brownies made by them that morning, they are so amazing, watching them think of a shop name, collecting ideas together, working as a team, few opinions and Ideas discussed teaching negotiation, learning maths with payments, always opportunities to learn! Absolutely loving it!!!!

Watercolour palette from Big W stores Australia

Watercolour paper from Kmart stores Australia


Kids quotes & affirmations

Aren’t these stunning?! Miss Scarlette Rose has been asking to use some of my tiny canvases, I wasn’t sure what she was creating but she made these as gifts with messages on the back. Using a box of sharpie markers that get used a lot with kids crafts. 🦄💜🌸💝🌈🌹❤️ These tiny canvases are from Riot art stores in Australia, originally made for high flow paints but creativity has no boundaries right!😉😀